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Mercedes-Benz SLK Guide

Those who bought it said:

Written by a SLK expert

A superb book! I have just received my second SLK, A 172 Turbo, and am finding out aspects of these cars I didn't know. I recommend downloading the expanded version, a fun book to read by any SLK fan.

James Harrison - 5.0 Stars

Wish I had bought this earlier

Quite simply the best SLK book on the market. Two tips read in this book would have saved me hundreds over the seven years I have owned an SLK.

Craig Hunter - 5.0 Stars

Awesome guide for the SLK Mercedes!

Let me start by saying that I own a 98 SLK Mercedes. I have read just about anything that I could find about my car. This guide is one of the best that I have come across. Just about anything you would want to know about one is included in this book. From it's lineage to specs to reviews, variations in model years, it's all in there. I found it to be highly informative and entertaining as an owner of an SLK. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that owns an SLK or is thinking about buying one.

Bryant - 5.0 stars

Originals available on Amazon

“Quite simply the best SLK book on the market”

“Just about anything you would want to know about one is included in the book”

Thinking of buying or have just bought an SLK? Then the SLK Guide is a must have book. The SLK Guide will talk you through the three main types of Mercedes-Benz SLK: the 170, 171 and the current 172. It also shows you the improvements in the mid-term facelifts. It explains the differences between the various models, from the 200 normally aspirated 170 to the fire-breathing SLK55 AMG.

It will tell you of the known issues, what to look out for, where to buy and which one will be perfect for you. Or rather, which ones will be.

The 99-page .pdf file, with over 33,000 words, viewable on PCs, laptops, pads and readers, costs just £6.50. It is picture lead, with 150 high quality illustrations showing you all the details you need to know.

This is the only SLK Buyer’s Guide available covering all the models.

Go to the                         for ways to buy.

The SLK is a Mercedes-Benz success story. It fills a market niche that no other premium sports car approaches.

There is a massive range, from cruisers to bruisers, all with that wonderful roof which changes the car from a roadster to coupe in seconds. There are over 60,000 of all types on the British roads. If you want to know which one is for you then you need the SLK Guide.